The Emerging Creators Network

The So Fare Films
Emerging Creator’s Network is:

🔘 a platform for emerging filmmakers to cultivate and sharpen their portfolios, through contact with mentors and peers, and share their work with the world through the channels of the production company which brings their work more visibility, legitimacy and momentum

🔘 a chance to take part in a production network with other young filmmakers, resourcing a multitude of skills and perspectives to realize their vision.

🔘 an opportunity to contribute to the completion and release of professional-grade documentaries and earn professional film credits

🔘 a hands-on education in “soup to nuts” indie film production, from pre-production planning to release and distribution.

What do Network members gain?

🔘 personal mentoring on professional formation and advancement strategies from a seasoned indie film professional

🔘 a rich “human resource” of fellow early-career storytellers who give feedback on ongoing projects and lend people-power to all stages of production and promotion.

🔘 monthly workshops on the craft of visual storytelling

🔘 access to the social media channels and communications avenue of So Fare Films, gaining more visibility and legitimacy in association with a professional production company.

🔘 someday soon, access to the Project Funds Treasure Chest of So Fare Films--a goal for fundraising

What do Network members give?

🔘 Attendance at weekly meetings on the central film project of So Fare Films. Most members will take on commitments to contribute to the projects in various ways at various stages: they build trailers and promos, key art, delivery requirements, press kits, etc.

🔘 Attendance at monthly craft workshops and peer feedback sessions

🔘 Commitment to pitch or show progress on a personal project once every six months

🔘 Commitment to generate 5-10 pieces of social media content per month...topics and formats are tailored to individual interests and experience.

How can people sign up for the Emerging Creators Network?

Email us about the ECN at and we will let you know about our current open positions in Marketing & PR, Video production, and Business Strategy.

Martina Perelli

“I value the opportunity SFF has given me to explore a field I’m passionate about, it has helped me get a clearer vision of what I want to do for my future. Having a hands-on experience is a challenge that has allowed me to explore what it means to work in a team and also be responsible with important tasks that help the project but also have space for my own creative input”.

Saliha Crespo

“SFF offered me to be a part of a professional environment while still being a student. They have given me tremendous value in terms of adding to my organization skills, time man- agement when dealing with several tasks, working as a team and communicating well”.

Lavinia Giardina

“Working for SFF allowed me to develop my editing skills in a professional environment and, thanks to the teamwork and the habit of giving each other’s works feedback, I took advantage of my colleagues’ knowledge and experience as we were all handling different tasks in post-production. I got the chance to learn much from them and get inspired by their creativity and ways of working.”.

Dariya Dzhambazova

“I definitely built up on my research skills, which is something very much needed not only in academia, but in the workplace as well; The project as a whole was a great opportunity to better my communication skills, as well as to work alongside so many intelligent, and talented people. Being a part of SFF made me more motivated to seek help when needed; working in a team has changed my viewpoint and I now know that I can rely on other people as well to get work done”.

Alesa Ilako

“One of the biggest pleasures of working with SFF is being part of the team. I enjoy teamwork, especially when you are work- ing along people who are reliable and passionate in what we want to achieve... I really value the extent of creative freedom we get within SFF, we each have important roles to fulfil but we can also add a little bit of our own input, which leads me to be intentional of all the things I create for the company”.

Danielle Roberts

“SFF was a very immersive learning experience for me. Before making the animations for Simulating Religious Violence I took a course and practiced on my own but SFF gave me the opportunity to do something I’m passionate about in a pro- fessional setting. SFF has given me the confidence to think about future projects I want to personally create and having the Emerging Artists Network beside me is very motivational”.